Education and Experience

Click the link below to download my resume. The following is rather an extensive description of my educational background and experience.

Ohio University - Russ College of Engineering and Technology

  • Athens, Ohio 45701. (740) 593-1000
  • School: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Degree: B.S. in Computer Science
  • Graduation date: June 2010

Related College Courses. Just a few...

  • Concepts of Programming Languages. Formal definition of programming languages, including specification of syntax and semantics.
  • C++ Data Structures. Basic concepts of data. Linear lists, strings, arrays, and orthogonal lists. Representation of trees and graphs. Storage systems and structures and storage allocation and collection. Multilinked structures. Symbol tables and searching techniques. Formal specification of data structures, data structures in programming languages, and generalized data management systems.
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms. The course provides an introduction to the modern study of computer algorithms. Topics include correctness of algorithms, analysis of iterative and recursive algorithms, worst-case, best-case, and average-case behavior, design of algorithms, divide and conquer algorithms, the greedy method, graph searching, and dynamic programming techniques.
  • Software Design and Development. All major phases of the software engineering lifecycle, including system engineering, requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing. Communication skills that are relevant to working in software engineering teams and interacting with customers. Teams of students perform all software engineering phases in response to the needs of a customer.
  • Interactive Computer Graphics. This course introduces students to modern interactive computer graphics. It emphasizes hands-on learning through the development of several projects throughout the quarter. Topics include: graphical systems and models, grapics programming, input and interaction, geometric objects and transformaions lighting and shading, and discrete techniques.
  • Operating Systems and Computer Architecture. Currently taking.
  • Advanced Microprocessors. Currently taking.


  • C++ and C. Great understanding of its features and wide knowledge of data structures and object oriented programming.
  • PHP. Over one year of experience with dynamic web development and database management using PHP and MySQL.
  • Java & JSP. Took a software design and development class in which the term-long project was written in Java and JSP. Additionally, the application was writtern using Java Servlets. For more details on the application visit the works page.
  • Assembly.
  • VBA Excel. During my internship at Lincoln Electric, one of my tasks was to write an application that ran within MS Excel. A few screenshots of the application can be found in the work page.
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS. Have been working with these technologies for over 6 years. This site is fully Strict-XHTML compliant.
  • SQL. Have written queries, functions, and procedures for various complex database systems.


  • OpenGL & GLUT. I was introduced to these two technologies during a computer graphics course. I have continued to use them outside of the classroom as I enjoy working with them.
  • STL. I have worked with the Standard Template Library since I started programming in C++. I am well familiarized with it.
  • Bullet Physics. Integrated in one of my projects, Racer.

Other Skills

  • Relational Databases. Have worked with Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL. Have also taken a college level course.
  • Operating systems. Windows and Linux.
  • Bilingual. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Academic Honors

  • Microsoft Scholarship recipient 2008/2009
  • Ohio University Computer Science Club Scholarship recipient
  • Bobcat Award recipient
  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Alpha Lambda Delta
  • Dean's List: Winter 2006/2007, Spring 2007/2008, Spring 2008/2009, Fall 2009/2010

Major Related Events

  • ACM Regional Programming Contest at Cincinnati, Ohio. Fall 2007.
  • TopCoder Algorithm competitions. 2007-current.

Last updated: 12/16/09