Projects: Programming


This has been one of my favorite projects. OpenGL, and the Bullet Physics Engine are great and fun tools to work with. Before I continue, I want to let you know that I have included a video at the end of this description... Continue

Photography Studio Workflow

Like some of my other projects, this one also came from another college course. After several lectures on the different phases of the software development process, I was paired with two other students to work on this pro... Continue

Labels & Setup Sheets Application

I wrote this application during a summer internship with Lincoln Electric. This is propriatery software which they use in their manufactoring process, so I can only post pictures. In case you are wondering, why Excel? T... Continue


You may have heard of this game. This was a project in one of my introductory computer science courses. This implementation of Othello runs in a linux console environment, and can run in multiplayer or single player mode... Continue
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