Projects: Digital Art

I don't do a whole lot with Photoshop, but I learned to use this neat program over time. The motive came from making websites which require you to at least make icons or banners.

Website Icons

I was asked to make a set of icons for a website that the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication was creating. I made a set of "object" icons and "action" icons. Then combined the two types, and used the Photo... Continue

Vintage Christmas

As another project in my Photoshop class, we were allowed to make anything we wanted. I like the vintage look, so I wanted something warm and simple looking. Can you picture yourself sipping hot chocolote next to a warm... Continue

How to Identify Trees

Our Photoshop class instructor asked us to pick a local event and pretend that we had to make the picture for the event. It would have to explain the point of the event without any text. The title of the event I chose wa... Continue


I took a Photoshop course my sophomore year, and this is what I made for a project. We could choose from several topics. I chose imagination. I guess the idea wasn't completely unique, but I was glad that I was able to m... Continue
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