You may have heard of this game. This was a project in one of my introductory computer science courses. This implementation of Othello runs in a linux console environment, and can run in multiplayer or single player mode. Aside from the keyboard being the only method of interaction, the program is friendly in reading your input. It's not hard to make a move or interact with it as long as you know the rules of the game. One last thing I should mention, I have not been able to return to this application and make it better. For instance, I would like to improve the AI. When you are in multiplayer mode, the game will simulate moves four levels deep before deciding when to make a move.

I hope you enjoy this game. I have included the executable and source code to download. It will compile and run under Windows if you use the GNU compiler, but it will not display correctly because the program outputs colors using escape codes that Windows does not recognize.

To compile navigate to the directory containing the code$ cd /path_to_game/Othello/src
$ sudo chmod +rr *
Then you can compile the program$ makeNow you can run it by typing$ ./Othello1.0



Download Othello




October 2007





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