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Like some of my other projects, this one also came from another college course. After several lectures on the different phases of the software development process, I was paired with two other students to work on this project. The following is the problem statement:

As a professional photographer, I need an internet based application that allows me to manage my clients photographs. All the original photographs and all modified photographs need to be viewable by me. Clients need to be able to go in and see their image thumbnails I've released to them and be able to rank them and place orders. I'll be doing my photo-processing locally with Adobe Photoshop, so I do not need the web-application to provide advanced image manipulation features.

We had a person come in and answer any questions we had come up with. Time was a big issue, and this was the first time our professor had taught this class. No team in the class had enough time to develop a full application, so all teams picked the major modules to work on. One teammate was in charge of the picture gallery, the other was in charge of sessions and a toolbar we had designed. I was in charge of the uploading of images.

Simply put, the user creates a new album and chooses a tar.gz file which contains JPG files. First, the module uploads the file, then it checks to make sure it is a valid archive with valid files inside. It then extracts the files and puts them in directories and also accesses a database to add new rows to the appropriate tables.

I am including the code only of what I made. You are free to download it, but I include no instructions on how to use it.



Download Photography Studio Workflow




May 2009


Java, Servlets, JSP, HTML, CSS, MySQL


Tomcat, Java

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